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  Computer Support  
  Gizmo Computers stands behind it's solutions 100%.  We will continue to work with you until your system and software fully meets your satisfaction.  We stand behind the power and stability of our Linux products and behind the idea of open-source software.  We enjoy the opportunity to serve and support the community that is making Linux a powerful and versatile operating system for everyone.  
  Customers can contact us anytime for help with their systems and software and we will address your problems promptly and effectively.  We don't charge for basic phone support, or a quick consultation.  If its serious computer problems, or your just having trouble connecting your wireless, just call, we'll be glad to help.  
  We are usually quite fast and will charge fairly in any situation.  We donít like outrageously charging to our customers.  Please note that many issues can be resolved over the phone,  and we do not charge for phone support.  Don't hesitate to call.  
  Some of our support options include:
* Phone Support
* In Shop, and On Site
* Remote Assistance
* Computer Training
Call or E-mail Us:
Phone: 1-208-597-6785
Emergency: 1-208-267-8029
  Custom Built Computers  
  All of our custom systems come with a 1 year warranty.  This includes all hardware installed at the time of purchase.  In the event of hardware failure during this time, repairs including hardware and labor are covered.  We will service your computer asap and get it running as quickly as possible.  This warranty does not include software.  We will work with you the first couple of weeks to make sure your software satisfies your needs, beyond that, standard fees will apply.  There are just too many things people can do to software that is beyond our control.  Read our new system warranty here.  
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